Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tooth Fairy Pillows now Ship FREE!

Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop is celebrating it's 6th year with FREE SHIPPING on all of our Tooth Fairy Pillows and Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows!  Let us help your child celebrate that lost tooth with one of our adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows. 

Each of our tooth fairy pillows features a cute tooth shaped pocket to hold both lost tooth and treasure.  Our clever ribbon bow allows the tooth pillow to hang from a bedpost, dresser or doorknob!  Make the Tooth Fairy's job easy - hang our pillows on the outside of the door to prevent little one's from waking.

In addition to our classic tooth fairy pillows, we also offer personalized tooth fairy pillows - add your child's name to their tooth fairy pillow to make an extra special gift!

Shop now for free shipping on all classic and personalized tooth fairy pillows!