Sunday, September 1, 2013

"I Lost a Tooth" button badges now in the Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop!

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When I am not designing and sewing tooth fairy pillows, I work part time at my daughter's elementary school where I get to see first hand how excited kids get to loose a tooth!  Some of the teachers pass out stickers that say "I Lost a Tooth" and the kids proudly display them all day.  I thought, why not design a super cute and cool, re-useable button badge that the kids can wear to celebrate that lost tooth?

Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop now offers 10 varieties of Lost Tooth button badges for boys and girls!  These are great for families and classrooms, just pass it along to the child who has lost a tooth to wear for the day and at only $5.00 each, they make a great tooth fairy gift idea.