Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tooth Fairy Gifts for the Tooth Fairy Pillow

Sometimes, a tiny Tooth Fairy customer needs something a little extra special in their tooth fairy pillow - that's why I created a line of Tooth Fairy Charm Necklaces!  These Tooth Fairy Dust Necklaces come in 3 colors and are filled with sparkling hearts or stars and topped with a sweet fairy charm.

We also offer our Swarovski Crystal Charm Happy Tooth Necklaces in rose and sky!

And a longtime customer favorite for both boys and girls is our original Happy Tooth Charm Necklace!

Next time your Tooth Fairy needs a little something extra to tuck into your little one's Tooth Fairy Pillow, swing on by Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop and pick up one of these adorable Tooth Fairy Gifts!