Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Tooth Pocket Tooth Fairy Pins!

Lots of new things are happening at Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop, including a whole new selection of fabrics for Spring 2015 AND my favorite new thing....Tooth Pocket Tooth Fairy Pins!  What is a Tooth Pocket Tooth Fairy Pin?  So glad you asked ;)

A Tooth Pocket Tooth Fairy Pin is an adorable little embroidered tooth patch that has a felt pocket sewn to the back so your kiddo can stow their lost tooth when they are on the go.  Wiggly tooth on the way to school?  No problem, these little guys can be pinned to a backpack, jacket or lunch bag to keep a lost tooth safe on the voyage home.

These little cuties are also a great addition to any bedroom, pin to a pillowcase or place on a dresser for the Tooth Fairy to make the exchange, the pocket is perfect for those dollar bills, quarters, notes of encouragement, or whatever the Tooth Fairy decides to leave!

My new Tooth Pocket Tooth Fairy Pins and 40 different varieties of Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows are all available at Tooth Fairy Pillow Shop whenever your little one has a wiggler on the way! 

More colors and styles are on their way....

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